Events Ninja
Event Promotion
Nothing sells a n event more than a great promotional video. Our Events Ninjas will work together to create one for you. Let's get started today.
Festivals and Concerts
Let us capture the before, during, and after of the experience. We will make future attendees feel what its all about.
Sports Fishing Videos
We take to the oceans several times a year for the biggest fishing tournaments in Costa Rica. You could have your crew and boat featured in an exciting video that captures the action.
Surfing Tournaments
We combine drone video with in water videographers to capture the action on the waves up close. This is very popular for promoting your Instagram accounts.
Family Gatherings
Once in a lifetime family vacations in Costa Rica are certainly an event in and of themselves. Make it last by hiring one of our event ninjas to travel along to capture the memories in HD video.
Award Shows
From Music & Film, to Sports & Recreation, the accolades are always worth it. We enjoy filming live award ceremonies and we know the angles to capture the moments you all worked so hard to achieve.
Comedy & Arts
Ninjas laugh. Some say it isn't true but we do laugh. Comedy shows are specific to requiring high quality lighting and stable camera angles. Poetry slams and Open Mic Nights are can be filmed at a discounted rate on weekdays.
House Parties
Let's face it, in Costa Rica we know how to throw a good house party or two. The spirit and friendship that flows so effortlessly with trusted friends shines through when you watch it through the lens of an event ninja.
Check out how we price our work:

Unique Custom Pricing For Every Project

Example #1 Project Requirements: A Concert Shoot

Here is why we custom price every project:  because every client’s needs are different and require a different level of production to complete.  We have tried packages before and we find that it limits the project expectations for our clients.

We push boundaries through thinking not just about your brand, your website, or your digital marketing – but how all of the digital elements of your business work together. It’s at the intersection of these two areas that we help.  Here is a breakdown of what any single project might require.

Photography Work
Ground & Aerial Video
Website Development

In this 1st example, our client already had a marketing plan and a website for the promotion of the video, so not much web development or marketing work was put into it.

In the next example we will show you a client that has the video and photography work completed, yet is looking for help getting the video online.

Planning & Logistics
Post Production
Marketing & Advertising

Example #2 Project Requirements: A 4-day Festival

In example #2, we have a similar client who needs for a 4 day music festival, yet they already have most of the video for the promotion already.  They just need a few photos.  Their biggest concern is editing, marketing and promotion, and you can see how different the emphasis on the scope of work is created by this.

Photography Work
Ground & Aerial Video
Website Development
Planning & Logistics
Post Production
Marketing & Advertising

Photography Work:  All ground level photography & lighting work.

Planning & Logistics:  Involves all communications, strategy, scripting, brainstorming, to begin the project.  It also includes, transportation, accommodations, and staging.

Video:  All aerial & ground videography work and lighting.

Post Production:  Editing, Color grading, and exporting usable files for use in web, print, and other forms of media distribution.

Website Development:  Anything that involves connecting the content we created with your business website.

Marketing & Advertising:  The Promotion of the content we create and how extensively we promote based on the client’s tolerance & budget.

This is how we do custom pricing:

We offer 3 types of Service!

But You Can Only Pick Two:

Fast & Inexpensive
1 event ninja per day
1-2 camera angles
Media Delivered via USB or Google Drive
Raw Full HD Footage
3-5 hours of video
72 hour Delivery Time
*Promotional Video Options Available*
Good & Inexpensive
2 event ninjas per day
2-3 camera angles + B-roll
10-20 mins of Drone Video
Color Grading & Formatted for Web
5-7 hours of Raw video
7 Day Delivery Time
*Promotional Video Options Available*
Rush Delivery Option
Same Day
Professionally edited & color graded
Same Day Promise for upload
2nd team for post production

2x the cost of your estimate

What is your next step?

Simply select your preference and once we begin the Project Discovery phase, we will provide you a concise estimate that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been creating media?
Since the internet began.
Do you provide these services outside of Costa Rica?
Yes, we work with experienced creators internationally. Give us a call at 8427 0728 and we will discuss how we can connect you with a Ninja in your area.
Does Events Ninja have a contract?
Yes, we have a well thought out and properly organized contract that we deliver with a full scope of work document. The scope of work document will be created once we have our initial discovery meeting. A discovery meeting is a consultation phone call in which we come to a summarized agreement about what the expectations for the project are.
What is the average turn around time for a promotional video to be made?
3 weeks is the average, it can be done in as little as 1 week. Larger projects may leave it for as long as 8 weeks.
Can you provide Factura Electronica?
Are you insured in Costa Rica?