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We are Events Ninja

Events our most certainly our passion projects.  We dream of running our businesses by traveling from event to event, meeting beautiful & amazing people from around the world.  We want to capture everyone’s favorite memories and make them last, because most of our lives are a once in a lifetime experience.

Our favorite festivals in Costa Rica is the yearly EnvisionFest, and Jungle Jam.  We have noticed over the years, that many new festivals a yearly concerts are popping up around the country, and our goal is to film them all.

You see, we are not any one group, but rather a collaborative of Media professionals living and working in Costa Rica.  We all work together to provide coverage to all of Costa Rica’s media needs.  Give us a call, and one of our ninjas will be happy to serve you in the area you need, while providing exactly the top notch service that you have come to trust from all the real media ninjas we work with.

Events take planning, and the same is true from filming them.  Let’s begin the conversation today so that we are prepared to display your event with exquisite quality and modern cinematic videography techniques.  Thank you!

Shoot us an email or call us at +506 8963 5416 or +506 8427-0728

Enjoy the show!

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